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Signal Logging with MATLAB

Signal value logging

To log signal values and times, mark signals for logging with the Simulation Data Inspector or add a File Log to your model.

A File Log block collects signal data on the target computer that is sent to the development computer after each simulation run. Or, if the target computer is not connected to the development computer, you can upload the data to the development computer when you connect to the target computer.


TargetRepresent real-time application and target computer status
Target.FileLogTarget Computer file logger
InstrumentCreate real-time instrument object


discardDelete file log data from target computer
listGet information about available file logs of signal data
importImport file log data from target computer
enableStart file logging of signal data
disableStop file logging of signal data
slrealtime.fileLogImportImport file logs copied from target computer into Simulation Data Inspector
slrealtime.fileLogListList available file logs copied from target computer



Signal Logging Basics

Acquire signal data while running a real-time application and transfer the data to the development computer for analysis.

Parameter Tuning and Data Logging

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MATLAB Interface

Target and Application Objects

Use the MATLAB® Command Window to change properties and control the target computer and your real-time application.

Instrumentation Apps for Real-Time Applications

Interface with your real-time application by using instrument panel apps.


Troubleshoot Signals Not Accessible by Name

Investigate issues for some signal types prevent monitoring, tracing, or logging.

Internationalization Issues

Learn about Simulink® Real-Time™ support for internationalization.


Troubleshooting in Simulink Real-Time

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