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Select Default Target Computer

When you start Simulink® Real-Time™ Explorer for the first time, it opens a default target computer node, TargetPC1. You can configure this node for a target computer, then connect the node to the target computer. You can add other target computer nodes and designate one of them as the default target computer.

Select Default Target Computer

To set a target computer node as the default.

  1. Select a nondefault target computer node from the Targets Tree panel in Simulink Real-Time Explorer.

  2. In the Target Configuration tab, select the Default checkbox.

    If you delete a default target computer node, the target computer node preceding it becomes the default target computer node. The last target computer node becomes the default target computer node and you cannot delete it.

Command-Line Interface and Target Computer

To use the Simulink Real-Time command-line interface to work with the target computer, you must indicate the target computer with which the command is interacting. If you do not identify a particular target computer, the Simulink Real-Time software uses the default target computer.

Targets Object and Target Computers

The Targets object manages collective and individual target computer environments. For more information, see Set Up Target Computer Ethernet Connection.

When you call the Targets object getTargetSettings function without arguments, the constructor gets the real-time environment settings for the default target computer.

my_tgs = slrealtime.Targets();
my_tgs_settings = getTargetSettings(my_tgs);

When you call the Target object slrealtime function without arguments, the constructor uses the link properties of the default target computer to communicate with the target computer.

tg = slrealtime;

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