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Class: slreq.ReqSet
Namespace: slreq

Get information about requirement set custom attribute

Since R2020b


atrb = inspectAttribute(rs,name)


atrb = inspectAttribute(rs,name) returns a structure with information about the custom attribute name specified by name in the requirement set rs.

Input Arguments

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Requirement set, specified as an slreq.ReqSet object.

Custom attribute name, specified as a character array.

Output Arguments

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Custom attribute information, returned as a struct.


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This example shows how to get information about a requirement set custom attribute.

Load crs_req_func_spec, which describes a cruise control system. Find a requirement set and assign it to a variable.

rs = slreq.find('Type','ReqSet');

Add a Checkbox custom attribute to the requirement set with a description. Use inspectAttribute to get information about the custom attribute.

    'This checkbox atrribute can be true or false.');
atrb = inspectAttribute(rs,'MyCheckbox')
atrb = struct with fields:
           name: 'MyCheckbox'
           type: Checkbox
    description: 'This checkbox atrribute can be true or false.'
        default: 0


Clear the open requirement sets and close the open models without saving changes.

bdclose all;

Version History

Introduced in R2020b