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Elapsed time since condition is true


elapsed_time = duration(condition) returns the elapsed time in seconds for which the condition has been true. The condition is a logical expression. The elapsed_time is reset when the test step is re-entered or when the condition is no longer true.


elapsed_time = duration(condition,timeunits) returns the elapsed time in timeunits.

Valid time units are:

  • sec — seconds

  • msec — milliseconds

  • usec — microseconds


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Specify the duration after 100 msec from the time when x greater than 50 last became true.

duration(x > 50,msec) > 100


  • duration statements can be used in the Test Sequence and Test Assessment blocks and in Stateflow® charts.

  • In Stateflow charts, duration statements can be associated only with a single state. You cannot use a duration on a transition that has more than one source state connected using a junction.

Version History

Introduced in R2015a