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Cable Driven Space Manipulator

This example models a cable driven space manipulator. The manipulator comprises of 2 links connected via a system of revolute joints. Each link consists of belt-cable circuits which drive the movements of the manipulator. It also consists of a spring-damper system which provides different stiffness requirements. A space application is shown in this example where the objective of the manipulators is to capture a small satellite. The manipulators start from folded states and then perform necessary maneuvers to extend and reach the desired position. The pulleys are motion actuated from which necessary belt-cable kinematics are computed.


Manipulator Subsystem

Open Subsystem

Mechanics Explorer Animation

Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

The plot below shows the Gripper Position and the torque applied to the motor pulleys.

References : [1] W.R. Doggett, J.T. Dorsey, T.C. Jones, B. King (2014). Development of a Tendon-Actuated Lightweight In-Space MANipulator (TALISMAN)