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Continuous uniform mean and variance


[M,V] = unifstat(A,B)


[M,V] = unifstat(A,B) returns the mean of and variance for the continuous uniform distribution using the corresponding lower endpoint (minimum), A and upper endpoint (maximum), B. Vector or matrix inputs for A and B must have the same size, which is also the size of M and V. A scalar input for A or B is expanded to a constant matrix with the same dimensions as the other input.

The mean of the continuous uniform distribution with parameters a and b is (a + b)/2, and the variance is (ab)2/12.


a = 1:6;
b = 2.*a;
[m,v] = unifstat(a,b)
m =
  1.5000  3.0000  4.5000  6.0000  7.5000  9.0000
v =
  0.0833  0.3333  0.7500  1.3333  2.0833  3.0000

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Version History

Introduced before R2006a