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Create training data for scene classification from ground truth

Since R2022b


    imds = sceneLabelTrainingData(gTruth) creates image datastore imds from the specified ground truth.

    [imds,groupInfo] = sceneLabelTrainingData(gTruth) also returns information about the groups of scene labels.

    Input Arguments

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    Ground truth data, specified as a groundTruth object.

    Output Arguments

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    Collection of images extracted from the ground truth object gTruth, returned as an ImageDatastore object. The Labels property of the datastore has a scalar valued scene label corresponding to each image.

    Information about the scene label groups, returned as a structure. The names of the fields describe scene label groups. The values in the structure are string arrays that indicate which scene label names belong to the corresponding group.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b