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Vector Hardware Limitations

You cannot have more than 64 physical or 32 virtual simultaneous connections using a Vector CAN device.

If you use more than the number of connections Vector allows, you might get an error:

  • In MATLAB® R2013a and later:

    Unable to query hardware information for the selected CAN channel object.
  • In MATLAB R2012b:

    boost thread resource allocation error.
  • In MATLAB R2012a and earlier:

    An unhandled error occurred with CAN device.

To work around this issue in Simulink®:

  • Use only a single Receive block for message reception in Simulink and connect all downstream Unpack blocks to it.

  • Use a Mux block to combine CAN messages from Unpack blocks transmitting at the same rate into a single Transmit block.

To work around this issue in MATLAB:

  • Try reusing channels you have already created for your application in MATLAB.