System Identification of MIMO

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Leonardo Araujo
Leonardo Araujo on 2 Jan 2014
Answered: Osama Zekry on 11 Aug 2023
Hi guys I'm working on a project of quadrotor control.
I've done the first principles modelling using SimMechanics, and now I would like to compare the plant model with a model derived from input/output data from the real life.
My question is about how to use System identification when you have more than one input and output, does I need to input random values at all inputs at the same time? Ore try to create models for each output?
Thanks in advance!

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 28 May 2014
Edited: Sebastian Castro on 1 May 2019
You can perform System Identification on a MIMO system, as shown in this example.
If you already have a model in SimMechanics, however, and you just want to match parameters in that model to your data, I'd recommend using the parameter estimation capabilities in Simulink Design Optimization (if this product is available to you). Here is an example of parameter estimation for an inverted pendulum model in SimMechanics .
Chandan Sinha
Chandan Sinha on 24 Jan 2023
@Daniel Abara I am in the same boat as you. I am doing system identification of a hexacopter platform. Do let me know how you ended up doing it for your drone. Should we give channel by channel excitation (one at a time) and obtain a transfer function (or related state space/nonlinear) model for each path from input to output?
Branislav on 15 May 2023
Still no answer to this question? Such an important topic, however basic answers are missing.

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Osama Zekry
Osama Zekry on 11 Aug 2023
Hi Leonardo,
Did you find a solution for this problem? Please, provide me with any advice. Your response is much appreciated.


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