How to compress an image?

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Moon Shadow
Moon Shadow on 10 Mar 2014
I'm trying to Compress an image by using Run Length coding and Huffman coding but I get errors Please would you like to help by showing me the correct codes
This my codes:
EDU>> D=imread('M.png');
symbols = unique(F(:));
counts = hist(F(:), symbols);
p = double(counts) ./ sum(counts);
r(p:q) = [y(1:i, j); eob];
count= count + i + 1; %and add to output vactor
F((count+1):end) = []; %delete unused portion of B
y.size=uint16([xm xn]);
y.numblocks = uint16(xb);
y.quality = uint16(quality * 100);
y.huffman = mat2huff(B)
Warning: Colon operands must be real scalars. Undefined function 'y' for input arguments of type 'double'.

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