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Error using imread (line 350) File "F:.png" does not exist.

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I was trying to run these code.
fn = 'F:\003.png'
img = imread(sprintf(fn,0))
[M N C] = size(img);
Initially it worked without error.Next time while i tried i am getting an error message saying
Error using imread (line 350) File "F:.png" does not exist.
Error in LKTrackShow (line 10) img = imread(sprintf(fn,0))
somebody Pls help me. Thanks in advance.

Answers (1)

SRI on 23 Jun 2014
Hi Jeffin your input image data 003.png in the current F folder might be not there so you are facing that file does not exist in the current folder
if it there means better you try this way
inputImage = imread('003.png');
[row,col] = size(inputImage);


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