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Convert a Simscape model to a S-function block

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I want to share my Simscape model with partners who haven't got a Simscape license in their Matlab. I'm thinking to convert it to a S-function block (like a black box with multi-I/O ports).
Please anyone know how to convert a Simscape model to such S-function block or any alternative way is grateful.
I follow this, but it seems the System target file doesn't support a Simscape model.
Many thanks

Answers (1)

Shivam Ahuja
Shivam Ahuja on 13 Oct 2021
I understand that you want to share Simscape model with partners who doesn’t have Simscape license in MATLAB.
S-Functions are not supported for Simscape.
  • A possible workaround would be to save the model in restricted mode:
  • Please note that the protected model workflow would only work starting with R2020a or newer:
However, they would need need at least a Simscape license to simulate it.


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