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Rather simple question:
How can i see the generated code when i use the realtimeworkshop with the Arduino Target?
deployment works fine and code works like a charme. I would just like to see what matlab is actually sending to the Arduino (generated c code...)

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AJ von Alt
AJ von Alt on 26 Aug 2014
Generated C code can be reviewed by enabling the Code Generation report.
In the Configuration Parameters dialog box select Real-Time Workshop( Code Generation in newer versions) > Report and check "Create code generation report" and "Open report automatically".
The generated code can also be found in the code generation folder. This folder is typically located in the working directory and has the same name as the model.

phil on 5 Sep 2014
Hi Aj,
thanks for your reply.
That is exactly what i tried but then when i try to run the model on the hardware the following messages shows up:
_"The model parameters are not configured for the target hardware. You must configure the model parameters before you can generate an application that can run on the target hardware.
To configure the model parameters, click 'Yes'.
To leave the model parameters unchanged, click 'No'."_
when i click yes it reverts the changes i just made and runs fine. when i click no it does not run :/


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