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Hello I need MATLAB help

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ssmith on 1 Nov 2021
Answered: Image Analyst on 4 Nov 2021
dicomread to load the images but I am not sure how to go about loading the files from a folder. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!

Answers (2)

Jan on 1 Nov 2021

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 Nov 2021
Try adapting code from the FAQ, like this:
% Specify the folder where the files live.
myFolder = pwd; %'C:\Users\yourUserName\Documents\My Pictures';
% Check to make sure that folder actually exists. Warn user if it doesn't.
if ~isfolder(myFolder)
errorMessage = sprintf('Error: The following folder does not exist:\n%s\nPlease specify a new folder.', myFolder);
myFolder = uigetdir(); % Ask for a new one.
if myFolder == 0
% User clicked Cancel
% Get a list of all files in the folder with the desired file name pattern.
filePattern = fullfile(myFolder, '*.dcm'); % Change to whatever pattern you need.
theFiles = dir(filePattern);
for k = 1 : length(theFiles)
baseFileName = theFiles(k).name;
fullFileName = fullfile(theFiles(k).folder, baseFileName);
fprintf(1, 'Now reading %s\n', fullFileName);
% Now do whatever you want with this file name,
% such as reading it in as an image array with imread()
imageArray = dicomread(fullFileName);
imshow(imageArray, []); % Display image.
drawnow; % Force display to update immediately.

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