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Syed on 2 Nov 2021
Where can I get the details about implementing MIMO channel as per my simulation need.
I need to implement an indoor setup with 3.5 GHz tranmission with 4x2 and 4x4 transmission.
However, I am unable to find a refernce for which I can get teh specfic values of MIMO channel properties. In particular, for example, what will be the samplerates, PathDelays etc. Is there any reference, or what 3GPP specification can I use for this purpose?
comm.MIMOChannel with properties:
SampleRate: 1
PathDelays: 0
AveragePathGains: 0
NormalizePathGains: true
FadingDistribution: 'Rayleigh'
MaximumDopplerShift: 1.0000e-03
DopplerSpectrum: [1×1 struct]
SpatialCorrelationSpecification: 'Separate Tx Rx'
TransmitCorrelationMatrix: [2×2 double]
ReceiveCorrelationMatrix: [2×2 double]
AntennaSelection: 'Off'
NormalizeChannelOutputs: true
ChannelFiltering: true
PathGainsOutputPort: false

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