How to take ascii file and plot into scatter plot?

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I have an ascii file that looks like this (called lh_text):
bankssts 4.2726
caudalanteriorcingulate 5.2143
caudalmiddlefrontal 2.8891
cuneus 2.4075
entorhinal 2.4987
fusiform 3.5651
inferiorparietal 3.1224
I tried to load it into matlab using the following command:
lh_SNR=load('lh_text', '-ascii')
But am getting the error: ' unknown text of line one of ASCII file '
I would like to make a bar plot that has the values as the y axis, and the names of the structures (e.g. bankssts, fusiform) as the labels on the x axis (please see attached!)
Can you help me convert this file to a file that I can plot?

Accepted Answer

Dave B
Dave B on 8 Nov 2021
Edited: Dave B on 8 Nov 2021
readtable will do well to read in the file
converting it to categorical will make it easier to make a bar out of
reordercats will help for changing the order on the x axis (I did them by the height of the bars, but you could do them by whatever order you like)
bar(t.Var1, t.Var2)
% if you want it in order of biggest to smallest bar:
[~,sortind] = sort(t.Var2,'descend');
bar(t.Var1, t.Var2)

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