File Installation Key Freezes during install

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Jarett Tanaka
Jarett Tanaka on 30 Nov 2021
Commented: DGM on 30 Nov 2021
We are trying to install Matlab 2021a on a fresh install of Redhat 8.4. When running the installer, we cannot type in the File Installation Key field. However, we can paste the key in there but the Next button is still greyed out. We tried it with and without the dashes. We also tried running it straight from the disc and copying the files and running it locally. Any ideas on how we an remedy this?

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Jarett Tanaka
Jarett Tanaka on 30 Nov 2021
That worked! Thank you. Sorry, apparently my search skills are lacking.
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DGM on 30 Nov 2021
No worries. It took me forever to find a search query that would give relevant results when I first tried troubleshooting it myself.
If the answer works well enough for you, consider accepting it. That moves it to the "answered" queue and hopefully makes it more attractive to other people searching for the same info.

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