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How to display answers for a system of two nonlinear equations, in scientific notation?

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Hello all,
I have solved this system of equations in matlab
syms x y
sol = solve([((2*x^2)/(3-y))+2==-50, y/(2*x-3)-3==4/7], [x,y])
And the answer is :
ans =
650/7 - (2*101257^(1/2))/7
(2*101257^(1/2))/7 + 650/7
31975/49 - (100*101257^(1/2))/49
(100*101257^(1/2))/49 + 31975/49
I want MATLAB automatcall display answer in Scientific notation such as A*10^x. Would you please guide me what modifications I need to apply to my code?
Thank you very much

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