Have an issue with MATLAB function: comm.LinearEqualizer.

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The MATLAB function comm.LinearEqualizer has an input called: InputDelay.
I read the documentation regarding this input in the comm.LinearEqualizer's link:
, but still have an issue.
I do not understand how does the function comm.LinearEqualizer handles this input, is MATLAB shifts the input stream by InputDelay (do not suggest this) or what ?
I need to know as I want to make a code for comm.LinearEqualizer. I have already coded it, and exactly similar results are obtained from my code and MATLAB's comm.LinearEqualizer, but when the input feature: InputDelay does not equal zero, my output deviates from MATLAB output, so I want to know how does MATLAB handle InputDelay value inside its code.
Hint: I have opened the MATLAB function ( comm.LinearEqualizer) itself and can not catch how does MATLAB handle InputDelay parameter.
Nader Rihan
Nader Rihan on 20 Feb 2022
Because I want to learn.
Please tell me, is it secret info ?

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