Deselect Cells on Excel Sheet

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katerina on 12 Dec 2014
Hello, I am writing a report out to an Excel Workbook, and everything is correct except that I cannot deselect the cells after I've selected them. What is the correct keyword to accomplish this?
Here's the part of code in question:
Excel.Selection.HorizontalAlignment = 2;
%Excel.Selection.Unselect; %this returns an error (no method Unselect)
%Excel.Selection.Deselect; %this returns an error (no method Deselect)
I don't want my users to have to open their workbooks with all highlighted cells - it's pretty annoying. Does anyone know the answer to this??
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Othmane ELMOUATAMID on 12 Nov 2018
Hello Katerina,
Try to select one cell then Excel will unselect all other cells, for instance select the very first cell of your sheet: Range("A1").Select

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