How to compare columns from two data sets in a loop

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Hi all,
I want to compare columns from two data sets in a loop using the ICC function. Is there a way to simplify what I am doing below?
%Import csv file with data
sq_dot1 = importfile('sq_dot1.csv');
sq_dot2 = importfile('sq_dot2.csv');
% variable 1
[var1_r, var1_LB, var1_UB, var1_F, var1_df1, var1_df2, var1_p]=ICC(var1,'C-k',0.05,0.5);
var1_SD= std(var1(:,1)) + std(var1(:,2))/2;
% variable 2
[var2_r, var2_LB, var2_UB, var2_F, var2_df1, var2_df2, var2_p]=ICC(var2,'C-k',0.05,0.5);
var2_SD= std(var2(:,1)) + std(var2(:,2))/2;
% repeat for remaining 52 variables
%save results as a table with rows as variables
row1 = var1
row2 = var 2
row3 = var 3 etc
% and column headers as outcomes
r, LB, UB, F, df1, df2, p, SEM
Tomaszzz on 10 Mar 2022
Edited: Tomaszzz on 10 Mar 2022
@KSSVThanks. interclass corrleation coefficient; describes how strongly units in the same group resemble each other; so in this case how strongly q_dot1(:,1) resembles sq_dot2(:,1).

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