How to ignore certain columns in a matrix when calculating a mean across all columns in a matrix?

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Hi all,
I have a 100x16 double matrix (attached) which when plotted over one figure looks like this.
Now, I want to calculate the mean across all columns in the matrix so that the output is a 100x 1 double. I can do this by following
load 'data'
hold on
% get mean
S_or_z_meancycle = mean(S_or_z, 2);
However, when calcuating the mean, I would like ignore the columns indicated in red.
The rule that I would like to apply is that the columns which range (max-min) exceeds 200 should be ignored when calcuating the mean accross all columns.
Can you help please?

Accepted Answer

Davide Masiello
Davide Masiello on 16 Mar 2022
Edited: Davide Masiello on 16 Mar 2022
See if this works
new_S_or_z = S_or_z(:,(max(S_or_z,[],1)-min(S_or_z,[],1)) < 200);
Unrecognized function or variable 'S_or_z'.

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