How to merge or combine 2 datasets with different number of rows and different name of columns

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Ngoc Nguyen
Ngoc Nguyen on 10 May 2022
Dear Raju,
Thank you very much for your comment!
I tried the codes you suggested but the outcome has an error:
>> table1=table([1;2;3],[151.04;151.08;151.11], [3.2634e+05;1.6518e+05;1.1548e+05], 'VariableNames', ["id", "mz", "sp58"]);
table2=table([0;1;2;4],[150.09;151.04;151.08;151.09], [217504.6;122152.8;561438.7;88868.3], 'VariableNames', ["id", "mz", "sp59"]);
table12 = joindata(table2,table1, 'Keys', ["id", "mz"]);
Undefined function or variable 'joindata'.
I am using MATLAB (individual) version 2018b for academic use. I am still struggling with this error and trying to understand the reason before successfully applying your solution.
Thank you for your consideration!
Best regards,

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