Problem when using fitrm() function for ANOVA and getting an incomplete output

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for clarity, I have a data set with 36 participants in two conditions called "high and low (18 per condition).
In each condition the participants repeated the task in 5 different scenarios called "phases" ('pre','balls','btw','basket','post').
Hence, there are two factors, namely, 1) the 2 conditions high and low, which are independent, and 2) the 5 phases which are dependent.
I would like to run a mixed factorial RM ANOVA on this data set using the following code:
high = importdata('comptable_high.mat'); % this is the data for the high condition
low = importdata('comptable_low.mat'); % this is the data for the low condition
comptable_high_low = [high;low]; % table including both conditions
condition = ... % specifying the group membership of each participant
['H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' ...
'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' ]';
between = table...
(condition, comptable_high_low(:,1),...
within = table...
([1 2 3 4 5]','VariableNames',{'Phases'});
rm = fitrm(between,'pre-post ~ condition','WithinDesign',within);
ranovatbl = ranova(rm);
My issue is that when I run the code I get a ranova table that only includes the within group effect for the 5 phases as well the interaction effect between phases and the 2 conditons, but not the effect of the conditons alone.
I thought that this was guaranteed by specifying the between and the within table when calling:
rm = fitrm(between,'pre-post ~ condition','WithinDesign',within);
But it seems like this doesnt produce the full ranova table.
Could anyone explain to me how I can get the between group effect?

Answers (1)

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 9 May 2022
I can't check it at the moment, but I think maybe your last line should be
ranovatbl = ranova(rm,'WithinModel','Phases')

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