Why does my exported STL file contain craters?

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I designed a road network in 3D:
I draw the map onto an orthophoto and then project the road onto a digital elevation map using RoadRunner's automated projection functionality (no manual change of the elevation profile is applied). No superelevation nor shape profiles are currently used. In a last step, I want to export a mesh (.stl) of the road surface. Unfortunately, the exported .stl is not smooth, but contains craters:

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 27 Jun 2022
It looks like these are separate roads (rather than slip roads which are attached uniformly and constrain the geometry). Unless they can be replaced with Slip Roads, it will require some manual adjusting. The less road control points a road has, the smoother it will be. We also recommend trying to better align the height of the two roads where they meet using the 2D editor. Additionally, F3 will toggle wireframe view which helps identify geometry a lot easier. Adjusting the connecting road to better align with the existing road, the geometry can be greatly improved. 
Looking at the inside corner, it looks like it might benefit from being smoothed out too. Using the corner too, you can adjust its control points to try and produce a smoother transition between elevation change.

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