how to make dot-plot of table?

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nines on 7 Jul 2022
Commented: nines on 7 Jul 2022
I have a table file where I want to plot just the numeric data in a dot plot
Here is the table1:
scan1 scan2 scan3
subject 1 2 1 1
subject 2 1 NaN 2
subject 3 2 2 NaN
I turn my table into a cell and then into a mat file in order to be able to make a dotplot.
numbers = table2cell(table1)
numbers = cell2mat(numbers)
scatter(numbers(:,1), numbers(:,2), numbers(:,3))
where my error is:
I want my final figure to look as follows:

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Jul 2022
If you are using a quite recent version of MATLAB, then
scatter3(table1, 'scan1', 'scan2', 'scan3')
scatter3(table1.scan1, table1.scan2, table1.scan3)
nines on 7 Jul 2022
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I had also tried:
scatter3(rad1_cap, rad1_cap.T1MEMPRAGE, rad1_cap.SWI, rad1_cap.T2_, rad1_cap.Flair)
scatter3(rad1_cap(:,2:5), rad1_cap.T1MEMPRAGE, rad1_cap.SWI, rad1_cap.T2_, rad1_cap.Flair)
but am getting the error:
inputs must be numeric, dateime, or categorical
any suggestions? sorry to be such a pain!

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