Please i recive the following message "No licence avalaible for Polyspace C COP product''? After enter the product'' license of MATLAB 2020a?

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After the installation of MATLAB 2020 a, i run the Polyspace ans windows Ask me first to ti activite MathWorks Software. But After the activation the Following message appears " No license available for for the Polyspace C COP". License checkout failed. License Manager Error-8 Make sûre the HostID of the license file matches this machine, ans that thé HostID on thé SERVER Line matches the HostID of the license file.

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Follow the below steps:
1) From the help window see if your Polyspace license is correctly activated. If the activation is done, you should be seeing something similar as below in the "Help-> About":
2) Hostname and Port number should match the server being used. Ensure you have given the right server name (check with your IT team for this purpose if you work in a org).
3) Try running Bug Finder (this doesnt need the servername or port configuration). Do the below config changes..

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