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how can I communicate matlab with ansys each other? as a input and output files?

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I have alrady Simscape model and ansys model. I want to make communicate with each other as an output data from matlab to send to ansys fluent as an inout file.

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Vidip Jain
Vidip Jain on 23 Feb 2023
If you have a Simulink/Simscape model in MATLAB, you can use MATLAB's "Simulation Data Inspector" (SDI) to log the simulation data and save it to a file. You can then read this file in ANSYS Fluent as an input file.
Here are the steps to export Simulink/Simscape model data to ANSYS Fluent:
  1. Open your Simulink/Simscape model and run a simulation.
  2. In the Simulink Editor, go to "Simulation" -> "Model Configuration Parameters" -> "Data Import/Export".
  3. Under "Data Export", select "Save simulation output as" and specify the name and location of the output file.
  4. In the same dialog box, choose the desired format for the output file. ANSYS Fluent supports various file formats, including CSV and ASCII.
  5. Run the simulation again to generate the output file.
  6. Open ANSYS Fluent and create a new case or open an existing one.
  7. Go to "File" -> "Read..." and select the output file.
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Arman Burkitbayev
Arman Burkitbayev on 24 Feb 2023
Thank you very much. I understand this option. However, I am interested to make two or more models in Simulink and Ansys Fluent to connect them and make live data change during the transient simulation. is it possible? is it doable?

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