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Specified directory not found in NIMROD_wintest1

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can anyone help please? I am not sure what am I doing wrong here, calling a function but getting the error shown below. attaching the function file with the post
Error using NIMROD_wintest1
Specified directory not found in NIMROD_wintest1
Error in rainfall_nimrod (line 5)
status = NIMROD_wintest1( 'C:\User\Document\202209200920_nimrod_ng_radar_rainrate_composite_1km_UK_cutout_Ireland_329x432');
close all; clear all; clc;
dirname = 'C:\User\Document\202209200920_nimrod_ng_radar_rainrate_composite_1km_UK_cutout_Ireland_329x432';
[ status ] = NIMROD_wintest1( dirname)

Answers (1)

Akash on 7 Sep 2023
I understand that you are encountering an error when calling a function.
I want to inform you that I was able to execute the code correctly in my system. Therefore, it is likely that the issue lies with the directory path you provided or the existence of the directory itself.
I recommend double-checking the path you provided and ensuring that the directory exists. It is possible that there might be a mistake in the path or a typo in the directory name. Additionally, please verify the case sensitivity of the path, as it could affect the directory recognition.
You can also refer to the MATLAB documentation for "isdir" to obtain more information on its usage and syntax. The link is provided below.


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