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Calling other function from another m file

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I am trying to call a function from another .m file.
The primary function which is the same name as the file can be called very easily.
But is it possilbe to call one of the sub function from that same .m file?
Or do i need to place it in its seperate file?

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 27 Dec 2022
Edited: the cyclist on 27 Dec 2022
External functions are actually known to MATLAB by their filename, so you do need to put it in a separate file.
Rik on 27 Dec 2022
Expanding on this answer:
You may notice that a function will still work as expected if you change the name of the main function to no longer match the file name. Problems will start occurring if you put your main function after the first function (this will throw an error or simply not execute).
The mere fact you want to call this subfunction means that it deserves to be a separate function, as it apparently simply an implementation detail for the main function in the file.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 27 Dec 2022
Only the main function in a function file is directly callable from outside the file. Local functions can be called indirectly if you have a function handle to the local function. In order to do this the function handle would need to be created inside the main function and returned from it.
Voss on 28 Dec 2022
@Dharmesh Joshi: See the attached m-file for a simple example of this.
f = main_function
f = function_handle with value:
ans = 4

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