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How to get continuous time display for oscilloscope?

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I searched already and couldn't find an answer.
I have a circuit that generates a ramp wave. The circuit works on other simulation software, and it works in real life as I've built it before.
When I attach a probe to the output, I get a DC signal. I am assuming that the scope takes a snapshot for something that it thinks is DC, and a time axis if it detects a dedicated AC signal.
Does anyone see anything wrong with the parameters I have specified? cap=2.2nF, R=1k.
The voltage follower simply copies the signal to ensure there is no short to ground.
Thanks fellas, ya'll are baller.
Sabin on 14 Feb 2023
Could you attach the model rather than the print screen? Will be easier to investigate as we don't have all the information.

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Answers (1)

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 16 Feb 2023
Looking at this circuit, shouldn't it require an inverting trigger to work correctly?
Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 17 Feb 2023
Edited: Joel Van Sickel on 17 Feb 2023
I'd be interested to see why the not gate doesn't work, but let's assume that won't work based on what you've seen, so you could feed the original signal into a not gate, and then feed the not gate results into the schmitt trigger, essentially creating your own inverting schmitt trigger.
I tried parameterizing the schmitt trigger as if it were inverting, and it wouldn't let me, which would have been a nice alternative.
You could also try and find a spice model of the trigger you used and use the subcircut2ssc command to import that into simscape.
Will Banks
Will Banks on 17 Feb 2023
Edited: Will Banks on 17 Feb 2023
boo yah! some real progress here. this isnt the result i want, but i may be able to change the parameters a bit to get what i want.

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