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matlab add ons does not want to start

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Gihahn on 15 Mar 2023
Answered: Gowthami on 25 Apr 2023
Error using matlab.internal.cef.webwindow/errorOnInValidWindow
Webwindow is not valid. It was closed by user or the process was terminated.
Error in matlab.internal.cef.webwindow/bringToFront (line 673)
Error in matlab.internal.webwindow/bringToFront (line 225)
Error in matlab.internal.addons.AddOnsWindow/bringToFront (line 72)
Error in matlab.internal.addons.Explorer/bringToFront (line 73)
Error in matlab.internal.addons.launchers.showExplorer (line 138)

Answers (2)

Naren on 29 Mar 2023
Edited: Naren on 29 Mar 2023
Hello Gihahn,
I believe the error message you are getting indicates that a MATLAB web window is no longer valid because it has been closed by the user or the process was terminated unexpectedly. The specific function that triggered the error is trying to bring the web window to the front, but it cannot do so because the window no longer exists.
The error may also be caused by security software on your machine. Please try temporarily disabling any security software and access the Add-Ons Explorer again.
You can attempt restarting MATLAB or opening the web window again to fix this problem. If the issue persists, you might need to look into it more to find out what caused the window to close or the procedure to end abruptly.
Hope this resolves the issue.

Gowthami on 25 Apr 2023
Hello Gihahn,
This may be related to a known issue where unexpected behaviour occurs when using the Add-On Explorer or Add-On Manager.
The issue is caused by anti-virus software incorrectly flagging the Window Manager in MATLAB.
I recommend you go through the workaround mentioned in the following MATLAB Answer to resolve your issue -


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