How to conect pixhawk with Q ground control, matlab

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if i conect matlab to pixhawk4mini, i can access Q gorund control
I think the version is the problem.
i used px4 verson 1.10.2
how to conect pixhawk with Q ground control in matlab

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Balavignesh on 29 Sep 2023
As per my understanding, you would like to connect 'pixhawk' with 'Q ground control' in MATLAB.
I would suggest you to get the latest stable version of 'px4' (v1.13.3) and follow the below steps:
Install MATLAB Support Package for PX4 Autopilots. This package allows for communication between MATLAB and Pixhawk flight controller.
Install QGroundControl on your computer. This will allow you to interact with Pixhawk flight controller.
Establish a connection to the flight controller using the 'px4' object povided by the support package.
% px4Obj = px4;
% open(px4Obj);
Once a connection is established, you can start sending commands or receiving data from the flight controller using MATLAB functions.
Please refer to the following documentation links to know more about:




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