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Matlab Machine Learner Apps and Azure Machine Learning Studio

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I aim to be working on a machine learnign application.
If I was to develop a machine learner model using Matlab, can it be outputed in a certain format so it can used in Azure Machine Learning Studio?

Accepted Answer

Pratyush on 27 Sep 2023
Hi Dharmesh,
I understand that you want to know if it is possible to deploy a machine learner model made in MATLAB to Azure ML Studio.
Yes, you can develop a machine learning model using MATLAB and export it in a format that can be used in Azure Machine Learning Studio. MATLAB provides several functions and tools for training and exporting machine learning models.
It's important to note that Azure Machine Learning Studio supports various model formats, including PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) and ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange). Depending on your specific requirements and the capabilities of your MATLAB model, you may need to convert your model to one of these formats before using it in Azure Machine Learning Studio.
For further details you can refer to the following links:

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