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Code to check for open uifigures

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Katherine on 8 Nov 2023
Answered: Voss on 8 Nov 2023
So I have some code that creates a uifigure. When I rerun the script I want it to clear the uifigure. Obviously the code needs to distinguish if I left the ui figure open so it can clear it, or does it need to create a new one. I can't seem to find a function that will work to check for the uifigure, does anyone know the answer?

Answers (1)

Voss on 8 Nov 2023
This will find all the uifigures you have open and store them in the variable f. Then you can delete them or whatever you want.
f = findall(groot(),'Type','figure');
is_uifig = false(numel(f),1);
for ii = 1:numel(f)
is_uifig(ii) = matlab.ui.internal.isUIFigure(f(ii));
f = f(is_uifig);


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