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Using CARLA Simulator on Windows.

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Riddhesh on 22 Nov 2023
Commented: Riddhesh on 6 Dec 2023
Hello, I want to use CARLA Simulator to inspect my vehicle in various terrain conditions using roadrunner. I am new to it and will be starting CARLA from scratch. I want to understand the installation procedure and whether I would be able to use it on windows or do I need different OS? I need a detailed description available and also need help to start using it.
Thank you.

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Yatharth on 27 Nov 2023
Hi Riddhesh,
I understand that you want to learn more about CARLA Simulator including guidance on its installation on Windows and relevant resources to initiate your work with CARLA.
To address your question regarding the operating system, yes you can use windows to work on CARLA.
Here are some resources that might be helpful to get started.
  1. CARLA Installation
  2. Overview of RoadRunner Scenario and CARLA Cosimulation.
  3. Set-up CARLA Cosimulation Workflow
  4. A short video to introduce Cosimulation with CARLA
I hope this helps!
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Riddhesh on 6 Dec 2023
Thank for you response. I will try to follow the steps.

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