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Does anyone know how to load .mat file into app designer for plotting?

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% this is the example of how I load .mat file in normal MATLAB editor window. I want to load in MATLAB app designer too. can anyone help me?
load SBC1.mat
BD1 = SBC1.VarName1;
SD1 = SBC1.VarName2;
load SBC2.mat
BD2 = SBC2.VarName1;
SD2 = SBC2.VarName2;
load SBC3.mat
BD3 = SBC3.VarName1;
SD3 = SBC3.VarName2;
load SBC4.mat
BD4 = SBC4.VarName1;
SD4 = SBC4.VarName2;

Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 Nov 2023
Try this:
s = load('SBC1.mat')
Don't use a semicolon and type that into the command window. What do you see? It should list the names of the variables contained in the SBC1.mat file.


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