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I have an array that I want to display in a table in matlab app designer

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So I have a function that produces a 1x2 array and a double
I want to create a table that displays the double in the first cell and in the cell below displays the array
e.g Imagine the lines are the table lines
| 82 |
| [ 1 2 ] |

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Shreshth on 6 Dec 2023
Dear Katherine,
I understand that you are trying to create a table in MATLAB where the first cell contains a double and the cell below it contains a 1x2 array.
You can use the below method for the same:
  1. Initialize the variables with the double and the 1x2 array.
  2. Create a cell array to store these variables.
  3. Convert the cell array to a table using the cell2table function.
  4. Use the VariableNames property to name the columns if needed.
Here is a sample MATLAB code that demonstrates how to do this:
% Sample data
myDouble = 3.14; % This is the double
myArray = [1, 2]; % This is the 1x2 array
% Create a cell array to hold the double and the array
data = {myDouble; myArray};
% Convert the cell array to a table
myTable = cell2table(data, 'VariableNames', {'Values'});
% Display the table
Values __________ {[3.1400]} {[ 1 2]}
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 6 Dec 2023
You seem to have misunderstood the question. The output is to be displayed in a UITable in an App.
It is not asking to display a table array.

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