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Replication of a colorbar in MatLab

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Richard Wood
Richard Wood on 8 Dec 2023
Answered: DGM on 8 Dec 2023
Hello everyone
I am trying to impement this colorbar:
My attempt has been the following:
colorA=[192 148 92]./255;
colorB=[1 1 1];
colorC=[82 107 120]./255;
cmap3=vertcat(interp1([0 1],[colorA;colorB],linspace(0,1,numcolors/2),'linear'),interp1([0 1],[colorB;colorC],linspace(0,1,numcolors/2+1),'linear'));
clear colorA colorB color C numcolors
which I have done trying to pick the extremal colors at each side of the aforementioned colorbar. However, I obtain something like this:
without that nice blue color evolution on the right side of it. Any suggestions on how to get closer to the reference image?

Accepted Answer

DGM on 8 Dec 2023
I just reconstructed it from the image. See the attached file.
Z = peaks(100);

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