Matlab Crashes When Executing randperm Function

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I am running Matlab 2013b.
I have a function that analyzes data. It runs correctly when executed within Jenkins running on Linux. The code takes about an hour to run.
When I run on my Windows PC in a Putty window connected to a Linux box Matlab crashes every time. It crashes when executing the line "var = randperm(N)", where N is a double with a value = 58. I stepped through the code manually and stopped at different points and typed "var = randperm(58)" without any problem. This problem was verified by a second engineer who had run across the same problem weeks before me.
I have no idea how to troubleshoot this problem.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Michael Cappello
Michael Cappello on 23 Feb 2024
Jeff, the following works fine
idx = 1:length(X);
which -all randperm
yields the following
built-in (/apps/MATLAB/R2013b/toolbox/matlab/randfun/randperm)
/apps/MATLAB/R2013b/toolbox/matlab/randfun/@RandStream/randperm.mexa64 % RandStream method
/apps/MATLAB/R2013b/toolbox/matlab/randfun/@RandStream/randperm.m % RandStream method
I agree with your use of size over length, but, this is code that has been developed over years that I am now making changes to. I always tread lightly when I am the new guy.
Thank you all for your time.
Torsten on 23 Feb 2024
Edited: Torsten on 23 Feb 2024
I don't know if this could be the reason, but I had a similar problem with "octave" under Windows 11.
Switching the default console to the “Windows Console Host” solved the problem:
But since you work under MATLAB 2013, you might have to have a much lower Windows version installed.

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