Error in f2800137.ccxml file

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Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen on 21 Feb 2024
Commented: Kevin Allen on 7 Mar 2024
There is an error in the 'f2800137.ccxml' file located in the directory below. It is configured to have a serial number "CC371077" and therefore will not work with any F2800137 board that does not have this exact serial number set in the XDS110 device.
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2023b\toolbox\c2b\tic2000\CCS_Config
I'm attaching a .ccxml file that will work for any F2800137 LaunchPad or ControlCARD (cannot attach as .ccxml so attaching as .txt).

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Irene Boben
Irene Boben on 23 Feb 2024
Hi Kevin,
Thank you for bringing this issue to our notice. It has been addressed in MATLAB R2023b's update 5. Kindly use the latest update for R2023b.
Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen on 7 Mar 2024
Edited: Kevin Allen on 7 Mar 2024
Hi Irene,
One other question. How do I use a custom .ccxml file in my Simulink model when deploying? For example if I have 'f2800137_NEW.ccxml' which is different than the original? Also, if it's in a different location.
Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen on 7 Mar 2024
I found it! The search feature is super helpful.

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