Insert the torque sensor and the Ideal rotational motion sensor in a Simscape Model

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I am working on a Simscape multibody model of a 4 wheeled vehicle. Due to the presence of encoders, I need to identify the value of the angular speed of the motors. At the same time, I need to detect the value of the torque, because the multibody revolute joint requires the torque as an input value. For these reasons, I need both the Torque sensor and the Ideal Rotational Motion sensor. So here's the problem: when I connect together the two sensors, as seen in figure, one of them has a value of 0 (as seen in the scope). If I remove one of the two sensors, the value detected is correct. How can I fix this? The connection may be the problem? If so, how should the two sensors be connected?
All the other parameters (Voltage value, DC Motor parameters, etc) of the model are fine.
VBBV on 23 Feb 2024
Edited: VBBV on 23 Feb 2024
can you check what happens when you connect the C port of rotation speed sensor directly to the C-port attached to DC-motor, just as you did for torque sensor ?

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