Error using rotate3d and context menu in App Designer. Event 'ContextMenuOpening' is not defined for class '​aphics.Gra​phicsPlace​holder'.

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I have an application converted from GUIDE to App Designer. It uses an external library that performs various calculations and data is passed back and forth. In the app a 3D model is displayed on UIAxes and there is a callback function that uses camlight to move the lighting as you rotate the model. As the object is moved the lights are repositioned, and the rotation property is re-enabled. Among other typical UI objects in the app, there is a listbox with a context menu that is used to run various functions based on the options selected in the listbox.
When I open the context menu on the listbox and rotate3d has been enabled using r.Enable = 'on' in the code or by clicking the rotation icon on the figure, the following error is generated:
Error in executing callback registered with ViewModel: Event 'ContextMenuOpening' is not defined for class ''
It seems that using the rotate3d object to enable various options causes the problem:
surf(app.UIAxes, peaks);
r = rotate3d(app.UIAxes);
r.ActionPostCallback = {@app.mycallback, app}; % I want to use this property. It alone doesn't error
r.Enable = "on"; % This generates the error
I'm not sure why, but using the function this way doesn't generate the error message.
surf(app.UIAxes, peaks);
rotate3d(app.UIAxes, "on")
% Is something like this possible?
% rotate3d(app.UIAxes, "on", "ActionPostCallback", {@app.mycallback, app})
However, I want to use the ActionPostCallback property. Why might the rotate3d object cause this error when opening the context menu?
I believe I've reduced the error down to the minimum pieces causing the problem and have a working example attached.
Steps to reproduce:
  1. With line 31 commented out and lines 35-37 uncommented, run the application
  2. Right click on the listbox to generate the error
  3. Go back to code, comment out lines 35-37, uncomment line 31, and rerun the application
  4. Right click on the listbox and see that no error is generated
Note: you can invoke the callback function in step 2 by rotating the figure.
Thanks for any help

Accepted Answer

ts on 27 Mar 2024 at 14:09
Based on communication with Mathworks support, this error is caused by a bug in the internal Matlab function "modeWindowButtonDownFcn." I've attached a workaround from the support team that fixes this issue.
Replace the "modeWindowButtonDownFcn.m" file in the folder \matlab\toolbox\matlab\uitools\+matlab\+uitools\+internal\@uimode with the m file attached.
It was mentioned that this bug will be fixed in a later release.

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