What is the requirement of opinionScores for fitbrisque?

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In the example:
the opinionScores is set to random numbers in the range of [0 100], no problem. However, when modifing this to any identical values in the range [0 100], such as
opinionScores = 50*ones(1,size(imds.Files,1))
it showed error:
model = fitbrisque(imds,opinionScores')
Error using brisqueModel
Expected Alpha to be nonempty.
Error in brisqueModel>validateAlpha (line 298)
validateattributes(Alpha,images.internal.iptnumerictypes,{'nonempty','real', 'column' ...
Error in brisqueModel (line 135)
Error in brisqueModel.computeBRISQUEModel (line 222)
obj = brisqueModel(svrmdl.Alpha, svrmdl.Bias, svrmdl.SupportVectors, svrmdl.KernelParameters.Scale);
Error in fitbrisque (line 87)
model = brisqueModel.computeBRISQUEModel(options.IMDS, options.SCORES);
How to implement the opinionScores values other than random?

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Feb 2024
It looks to me as if that should only happen if imds is empty.
John on 2 Mar 2024
In this case, how to set the values other than random?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Mar 2024
If even one of the opinionScores is set differently by at least 0.25 then it works.

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