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unable to use custom python library in Matlab

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Ron on 28 Feb 2024
Commented: Ron on 28 Feb 2024
I want to use acoular, a python library, in matlab but i dont know how to do it. I have downloaded the file from Github Acoular, I have installed python 3.10 for my matlab 2023a. Can anyone help me for the same?? thankyou so much.

Answers (1)

Dheeraj on 28 Feb 2024
I understand you are trying to use a custom python library in MATLAB.
  1. Install the library using pip as you have already installed python on your machine.
  2. MATLAB should be configured to use the same python installation where the library is installed using “pyversion”.
pyversion path_to_python_executable
Once MATLAB is configured to use the correct Python installation, you can import and use your library within MATLAB scripts or the MATLAB command window using Python syntax.
You can use this below MATLAB documentation to know more about accessing python modules in MATLAB.
Hope this Helps!
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Ron on 28 Feb 2024
Sir thankyou so much for answering my query. I am absolute beginner in this hence I dont know how to do this. I tried your solution as instructed. here is the error that i got. can you tell me what am I missing?

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