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How to use looping method to crop image dynamically (auto-cropping)?

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Hello. How to crop image using dynamic cropping method in matlab? Is there any example implementation codes?
Lets say, my original image have two different sizes which are 482 x 841 pixels and 608 x 865 pixels, so can I use loop step at first to extend the pixels which those that not enough pixels if I want to crop into 512 x 512 pixels? If the image size is enough to crop into 512 x512 pixels so no need to extend the pixels. I recently use this code:-
%To read input image
First image, image size 482 x 841 px
Second image, image size 608 x 865 px
%To resize image
out = padarray(I, [10 10], 0, 'both');
but this is manual. Now I want it to automatically crop only specific area.

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