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NIRS_SPM freezing when using the GUI

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Emre on 15 May 2024
Commented: Emre on 4 Jun 2024 at 22:51
Hey all,
I am trying to run 'NIRS_SPM' through the GUI on Matlab in order to deterine the locations of channels on my fNIRS cap which I am using for my experiment.
I have added 'SPM8' and 'NIRS_SPM' to my filepath on Matlab.
However, when I upload the CSV files of the optode locations and then run the registration (using the NFRI function), it freezes.
I would be so grateful if you could give me a helping hand - if any of you have used NIRS_SPM and have come across this problem! :)
Amish on 27 May 2024 at 6:46
Can you share the relevant CSV files?
Emre on 4 Jun 2024 at 22:51
Thanks so much for your support! I have sorted this out now :)

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