converting a group of .fig files into .pdf

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Hello all,
I have about 30 .fig files and would like to convert them into .pdf in one go. Is there an easy way to do it? Thank you.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Nov 2011
One single .pdf file combining them all, or one .pdf for each .fig ?
If this matter is urgent, it would likely be faster to do the 30 manually rather than waiting for people to respond.
Bahareh on 29 Nov 2011
one .pdf for each .fig; You're right. I thought somebody will respond me fast.

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Accepted Answer

Michael on 29 Nov 2011
Are the files named according to some nice rule? eg. 1.fig, 2.fig, ... maybe you can write a script based on openfig / print (the details may have errors):
for i = 1:30
fig1 = openfig(sprintf('%s.fig', num2str(i)));
print(fig1,'-dpdf',sprintf('%s.pdf', num2str(i)));
close fig1
Might need adjustments, I'm not so great at figure handles and .fig files. Hopefully it will load all the figure files, i.jpg (for i = 1:30) then save them as i.pdf so you'd get 1.pdf, 2.pdf... in your current directory.

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