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How to limit the motion of a prismatic joint

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When I am modelling a prismatic joint and I start the simulation the joint just drops under gravity and falls off. How do I limit the range of its motion

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 29 Jul 2015
To do this, you can create a contact force that is applied to the joint based on some limits.
For a simple limit like this you can use the SimMechanics-Simscape interface blocks on the joint and connect it to a Translational Hard Stop block from the Simscape library.
For more complicated contact relationships, you may want to look at the SimMechanics Contact Library on the File Exchange.
- Sebastian
Karthik Nagendra
Karthik Nagendra on 3 Aug 2015
I am unable to figure out how to create a belt drive and then add the slider on the belt and make a controller.

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