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Bahareh on 30 Dec 2011
Hello All,
I have a matlab figure consists of two plots in one graph. I would like to split them into two graphs using subplot(). Can anybody tell me how I can do it without having the code? Thanks.

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Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig on 30 Dec 2011
All of the data that is presented in the figure is provided in the figure file itself, so you don't need the original M-file that generated the figure. You can use MATLAB's various handle functions to get the data. For example,
1. Click on one of the line objects (data traces) in the figure.
2. At the command prompt, type:
h = gco;
This creates a variable "h" with the handle for the currently selected object.
3. Define two new variables x and y as:
x = get(h,'XData');
y = get(h,'YData');
This is now the data for that figure.
Now define a new figure, and plot this data, i.e.:
Do this for all of the data traces that you need, making sure to use subplot appropriately.
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Jan on 30 Dec 2011
You can save the figure as a fig-file and load it again using load, because fig-files are written in the MAT-file format. Then you find all required values in the fields of the imported struct.
data = load('filename.fig', '-mat')
I admit, this is not convenient, but exhaustive.
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Bahareh on 31 Dec 2011
Thanks a lot Mr. Jan!

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